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Written Song Lyrics on different and varied subject matter. These lyrical songs can be composed and practiced in various ragas in Classical music, Hindustani, Carnatic, Fusion, Folk, Baul, Ghazal, Qawwali, Chaiti, Kajan, Sufi music including eastern & western types of music style. The music also can be composed as per the choice of listeners and music lovers. Apart from this, modern music like Bhangra, Filmi, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Trance music can be composed for some of the songs for the lyrics of these English Songs. This songs/music can be practiced by one-and-all who is/are vocal practitioners and musicians, music directors, music composers and music associations can well utilize this opportunity whoever interested in composing various types of music to play & listen on the latest digital stereo versions. 

All songs (lyrics) could be composed for best tunes, music and for composing full song for use in movies viz., Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood films. 


Yeh! Surma, Yeh! Surma ǁ

Look at East, Suffer from Tsunami

North-West, Suffer from Earth Quake

West, Suffer Infighting, South-West from bombarding ǁ


Dangers of war like scenario are hovering clouds

Gun fires and bombings are disturbing peace

World is worried, all people are helpless

To maintain peace and harmony, to open a dialogue ǁ


Humanity, mankind and peace are the priorities

One has no authority to pollute the environment

Peace and harmony are the priorities of 21st century

Can’t afford to lose, lives and property damages ǁ


Where is the point, and what for emanating of war

Peace and tranquility are need of the hour

The whole world lauds and needs discussion on table

People are worried a lot; try avoiding war crime situations ǁ


Green Tracks Blazing Away

Glazing Ball Rolling Away

Liking Runs Flowing Home

World is shouting in Laughing Way ǁ


Respect and Honor Flowing-in

Money and Awards, Coming-in

Felicitations are Pouring-in

They’re Richey Rich, Ohǃ Surma Surma ǁ


Service to Villages is beautiful way

Villages’ look-alike polished way

Business preferring cashless way

Paytm, Atm, Oh!  Payment way ǁ

Star Luck

Oh Pretty, My dear Pretty, Lovely Pretty,

Be laughing, I respect and honor you all

My service concept to Smile for Charity

My seed of love to all my lovely pretty children ǁ


The sky has got rainbow colors

Our life has got multiple colors

Our sparkling eyes never go regret

I like smart life, self respect and honor ǁ


Single color thinking is the best option of a person

Straight forwardness is the ideal aspect of a man

Support nature of a mind is the best principle in life

Strong will power makes a man success in life ǁ


Oh Pretty, have a star luck like storm and sunshine

Your soberness and stability lead to success

Our service concept will give your star luck

May God Bless you, Give you Success Life ǁ


Sheer hard work fetches people one day

Hard life turns to a good life one day

Simplicity and sincerity will fetch people one day

The whole world will support at the end of the day ǁ


One need not run here and there

These technology tools are the best technology days

Application of tools and mind will favor you soon

A day is not far off, that you have your luck too ǁ


My dear, the success is in your way

This is all a show put up world

A simple effort makes you great

We Pray the God, to give you strength ǁ


I know, I know, the Power of Seat

Let me have too the Power of Energy

I know a day will come for conflicts and war

Let me try for Peace and pleasantness ǁ


I like to support Peoples’ Taste

My liking for innocent common people

I like too philanthropic work

My Philosophy is that future belongs to children ǁ


What you and I are God sent rep

What best one help, the society change soon

To honor others is the honor to us

To work for humanity is the respect to the mankind ǁ


I am no hard, not a professional

My Pure Heart is my psychology

My principles are for peace and harmony

Peoples’ pleasantness is my life-line ǁ


My presumptions come near to reality

 I can forecast through the power of seat

A day is not far off for setting the things right

My full support for peace and tranquility ǁ


Old water to go, new water to come

New generations flow, as centuries pass

Days change with technology upgrades

Old people are outdated and look helpless ǁ


As one becomes old, to sit at home

Strategy of youth get changed day-after-day

Thoughts and ideas varies for youth and aged

This is life, what one can do ǁ


Never to worry for life cycle process

What one does well as an optimistic?

It’s the satisfaction, one has to feel

As the days are rolled, satisfaction is vanished ǁ

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